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Our Responsibility
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Thumbs-Up Safety is a proud member and signatory of the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEP) and is committed to reducing our environmental impact as set out from the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) from CAEP.

Thumbs-Up Safety are dedicated to work towards the goal of 100% recyclability of our packaging by 2025 across all of our brands and will approach and support the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines based on the following principles;

Reviewal of Packaging against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG'S)
 Reducing the amount of material used for packaging
 Materials with improved sustainability are selected
 Promote recycling to customers using appropriate logos and messaging such as the Chinese Recycling Label on primary packaging
 Providing clear information for customers regarding materials used in packaging
 Maximising the use of recycled materials

Thumbs-Up Safety will update this policy and guidelines in line with any new change, innovations and / or learnings.